Supercharge and power your brand.

Powering financial services, groups, and brands with the ability to understand and act on behavioral and payment customer data.

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Designed to enable effective and personalized customer engagement, more accurately and at-scale, while streamlining operations.

Deliver highly customized, targeted campaigns in a matter of minutes to better engage with customers in more personalized ways.

Reinventing the customer loop.

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Swif for Your Business

Step out of the dark and welcome technology for a new era of data-driven businesses. 

Track & understand in-venue footfall by utilizing technology to your advantage and understand who walks in and out seamlessly.

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Digital Currency with Scalable Loyalty at Heart

Swif Cash, our dollar value network currency is a plug and play revenue growth solution. Boosting businesses' in-venue traffic while using technology to understand, gain and retain customers with our rewards-based mobile ordering and payment network.

A powerful ecosystem that brings in new customers past your existing loyalty solutions and makes sure that they keep coming back for more. 

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Supercharge Your Brand

Bring mobile technology to the core of your business with a digital extension of your brand that you can be proud of.