Contact-free dining will be the future of the industry, as it will reduce customer contact with anything that someone else would have touched such as menus and bill books. Customers will also want to reduce interaction with the waiting staff as much as possible.


Dine-in industry will change quickly as we navigate COVID-19

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Going out to eat, tired of waiting?

Discover restaurants, cafés, and bars. Order and pay directly through your smartphone.

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How does it work?

You are now able to order and pay immediately

from your smartphone with only 3 simple steps!





Check-in to the

venue and input 

your table number.

Browse the menu & order from your smartphone.



Once you’re done,

pay for your meal

and earn Swif Cash!


Wait for your food, not the waiter.

Order & eat

You’re already on your phone anyways, so why not also use it to order?


Done? Pay with the tap of a button. No need to wait for the waiter or the bill.

Walk out

That's it! When you're done, just walk right out. How simple is that?


When you’re in a rush, order ahead and skip the wait.

Order ahead

Don’t want to wait in line to get your morning coffee? Order & pay ahead.

Food is ready

Walk up to the counter and present your unique code to a staff member.


That’s it! Collect your order and walk right out, bypassing the rush-hour!

Let us pay you, to eat out.

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