Contact-free dining will be the future of the industry, as it will reduce customer contact with anything that someone else would have touched such as menus and bill books. Customers will also want to reduce interaction with the waiting staff as much as possible.


Dine-in industry will change quickly as we navigate COVID-19

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Advertise your venue, incentivize new customers to dine, and present the chance to create loyal ones.

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What is Swif?

Swif is a mobile platform that streamlines your venue’s operations by allowing users to browse, order, and pay directly from their smartphones either while dining-in or picking-up.

Venue operators, you have no reason not to join! It costs nothing to being listed on Swif, and you have ZERO signup, monthly, hardware, or cancellation fees! It’s free.

Zero Commitment

You have nothing to lose by giving Swif a shot. It is absolutely free to being listed on Swif and you can cancel anytime you want! Give it a try and see how Swif can transform your business.

Smarter Promotions

Entice and attract customers with Swif Cash!

Swif Cash is our dollar value network currency.

Reward your diners with Swif Cash as a cash back on their total bill. It can be saved up and spent at any venue in our network. Rewarding your customers keeps them dining out and coming back for more!​

Why? Why not!

Reasons are aplenty!

  • Customers are always on their phones seeking options, use Swif Cash to attract them to visit your venue.

  • Customers are loyal to Swif’s network of venues, and are incentivized to keep spending within our network.

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Swif orders are up to 33% larger, and table turnover is 30% higher. So basically, more 

orders, more customers, less wait, & ZERO risk.

Contact-Free Dining

Making dining safer, more efficient, and more rewarding.

Eliminate the need for menus and bill books, reduce manpower costs, and decrease table turnover time significantly.​


  • Customers simply enter their table number and begin ordering.

  • Once the order is ready, the waiting staff bring out the food as they normally would.

  • Finally when customers are ready to leave, they would simply review their bill and pay through the app.